The Daikin Europe
Group's Corporate Ethics

Daikin’s Corporate Ethics are an expression of fundamental values and represent a framework for decision-making. It is the personal responsibility and obligation of each member of the Daikin Europe Group to respect high ethical and legal standards of conduct in both letter and spirit, whether or not imposed by law.  

These are the 12 key
elements of Daikin’s
Corporate Ethics

1. Securing legal compliance 
2. Providing safe, high-quality products and services anticipating the future needs of end-users
3. Conducting business operations based on the principles of fair competition 
4. Practicing fair procurement by maintaining friendly yet challenging and competitive relations with suppliers
5. Respecting intellectual property and confidentiality of proprietary information 
6. Timely and appropriate disclosing of corporate information 
7. Being a company that aims to have minimal environmental impact 
8. Ensuring the safety of our operations 
9. Cultivating a dynamic workplace that fosters pride and enthusiasm in each employee 
10. Protecting corporate assets 
11. Practicing moderation in entertainment and gift exchanges 
12. Maintaining a firm attitude toward illegal, antisocial and unethical behaviour

Reporting non-compliance through the Hotline

Thank you for your interest in Daikin Europe’s ethics and compliance program.

We are committed to providing an open and honest environment in which employees and associates are empowered to voice their questions, concerns, or (potential) violations regarding our business practices.

If you have knowledge of a (suspected) violation of our Corporate Ethics, you can (anonymously) submit an incident report using the Hotline. We partnered with Navex Global, where you can report 24/7 either online or by phone in your preferred language.

Submit an incident report using the hotline

Our Policy for Whistleblowing explains our procedure for handling reports, confidentiality as well as how to comply with data protection laws, etc.

Your comments are important to us and we will respond to reported incidents in a timely manner.

Corine Vyncke
Director and Chief Legal Officer
Daikin Europe N.V.

DENV will process any information provided with the above hotline, including any personal data, with the utmost respect for the right to privacy of any natural persons concerned, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and any subsequent amendment. Particularly, DENV will limit the processing and the storage of personal data to what is necessary, keeping it confidential and committing itself to delete/anonymize personal data once the related processing is no longer necessary.

Our UK Tax Strategy

Daikin Group, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is a leading force in the air conditioning manufacturing industry, providing solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. A UK subsidiary, AHT Cooling Systems Supermarket (UK) Ltd is part of the Daikin Group, focussed on providing refrigeration systems to supermarkets.
Our global business activities incur a substantial amount and variety of taxes, including corporate income taxes, stamp taxes, business rates and, in the UK, employer’s national insurance. In addition, we collect and pay employment taxes and indirect taxes such as VAT.

This tax policy satisfies paragraph 19 of schedule 19 to the UK Finance Act 2016. The tax policy has been published in accordance with paragraph 16(2). This strategy applies from the date of publication until it is superseded.


AHT Worldwide

With our worldwide production, sales, service and R&D branches, we have a first-class network with which we offer the highest level of customer orientation.

Our locations

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  • Production, Sales and Service Europe & International
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