Our ethical

The business ethics of Daikin and its subsidiary AHT Group express our fundamental values and form our basis for decision-making. It is Daikin Europe Group’s personal responsibility and every member’s obligation to respect and adhere to these high ethical rules of conduct, going far beyond what is prescribed by law.

12 core elements
of Daikin's business ethics

Daikin’s business ethics consists of 12 core elements, which are defined here:


Ensuring compliance with all legal provisions

We ensure compliance with legal regulations by providing ourselves with adequate information and incorporating this knowledge into our actions.


Bringing to the market safe, high quality products and services that anticipate future end-user needs

We ensure our products’ safety and quality and offer goods and services that impress end customers by anticipating their future needs.


Carrying out all business activities on the basis of fair competition principles

We conduct our business in such a way that we comply with fair competition principles in every country where we operate.


Practising fair procurement by maintaining friendly, sophisticated, competitive relationships with suppliers

We maintain friendly, yet demanding and competitive relationships with our suppliers. In addition, we pay attention to fairness in procurement.


Respecting intellectual property rights and confidentiality in relation to business and trade secrets

We respect the intellectual property and confidential information of others and protect our own as well.


Disclosing company information in a timely and appropriate manner

As a subsidiary of DIL, DAIKIN Europe Group is only legally obliged to disclose company information in isolated cases. Nevertheless, in order to appear as a credible, transparent and open company, we keep all interest groups up to date and proactively disclose our company data in a timely manner.


Being a company that minimises the negative impact of its activities on the environment

In addition to fulfilling legal requirements, we make every effort in all business areas to appreciate and restore the environment worldwide.


Ensuring that all of our activities are safe

We guarantee the safety of our work processes, introduce safety and health measures in our workplaces and increase people’s trust in our society.


Promoting a dynamic work environment that fosters pride and enthusiasm in every employee

We respect each other, comply with applicable labour laws and regulations in the various countries where we operate in accordance with wording and meaning, and strive to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment. We accept different values and enhance our employees’ individuality and strengths in order to reinforce our organisation’s collective ability.


Protecting the company's assets

We carefully protect our company’s assets and handle them so they can be used effectively.


Hesitating to exchange hospitality and gifts

When we maintain our business relationships or give gifts, we behave moderately and in accordance with applicable social norms and laws.


Maintaining a firm stance against illegal, unlawful and unethical behaviour

As part of the DAIKIN Europe Group, we maintain a strict and unyielding position with regard to (anti-social) groups and organisations that endanger civil society’s order and security. In addition, we strive for a harmonious relationship with society. We are aware and proud of our behaviour. We strive to be decent, fair, honest, humble, good and responsible employees as well as citizens whom society trusts. For more information, please consult the Daikin Handbook of Business Ethics and the appropriate CEO’s message.

Disclosure of non-conformity cases
by whistle blower / hotline

Tips from third parties and employees are by far the most valuable source of information for preventing, uncovering and defending against fraud in companies and thus for ensuring compliance in our company. We therefore invite you to report any suspected fraud or other forms of misconduct within the manual’s meaning to us. We will do our best to respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible. Nobody who reports suspicious cases in good faith has to fear disadvantages. You can choose to report anonymously.

To do this, select one of the options listed under “Raising Compliance Awareness” in the Daikin manual or visit the relevant page by following this link.

You can download our ESGQ Policy here as a PDF 

Our UK Tax Strategy

Daikin Group, headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is a leading force in the air conditioning manufacturing industry, providing solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. A UK subsidiary, AHT Cooling Systems Supermarket (UK) Ltd is part of the Daikin Group, focussed on providing refrigeration systems to supermarkets.
Our global business activities incur a substantial amount and variety of taxes, including corporate income taxes, stamp taxes, business rates and, in the UK, employer’s national insurance. In addition, we collect and pay employment taxes and indirect taxes such as VAT.

This tax policy satisfies paragraph 19 of schedule 19 to the UK Finance Act 2016. The tax policy has been published in accordance with paragraph 16(2). This strategy applies from the date of publication until it is superseded.


AHT Worldwide

With our worldwide production, sales, service and R&D branches, we have a first-class network with which we offer the highest level of customer orientation.

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