Ice cream chests

Always tempting
and attractive -
whether young or old -
everyone loves ice cream.

AHT industrial chest freezers can be found anywhere. In the restaurant, at the petrol station, in small bars, in the supermarket, and, and, and … Quality and freshness of ice cream are 100% guaranteed in AHT industrial freezers.

The attractive AHT ice cream display freezer

The attractive BOSTON ice cream cabinet with its illuminated glass dome attracts teh attention of customers and also ensures convenient operation. 
As a plug-in storage and sales device, the BOSTON can be repositioned quickly and flexible and offers space for up to 22 flavours.

Designed according to all the rules of visual merchandising.

Underlined by the flat profile with straight sliding glass lids, the SAO PAULO ensures a high-turnover appearance. The SAO PAULO is suitable for packaged ice creams and, with the optionally available scooping attachment, also for open ice cream in classic ice cream sales.

The all-rounder among the industrial chest freezers impresses with its modern design.

Two different models - angled with curved sliding glass lids and horizontally with straight sliding glass lids - enable optimal product presentation and access.

A strong all-rounder that has defined new standards for freezers

The new sales center in your business: MALTA attracts customers' eyes and increases your sales through the visual merchandising concept. It scores with the best energy-saving performance in the category as well as low investment and maintenance costs.

Lowest consumption through superior technology

As one of the most successful freezer models from AHT, MACAO is not only convincing as an energy-saving professional, but also with the longest service life. A good view of the goods thanks to all-round glass optics, full operating convenience and absolute durability - MACAO offers all of this, ready to plug in plus semi-automatic de-icing.

Impressively efficient

The IBIZA industrial freezer impresses with clever, up-to-date technical features, absolute energy efficiency and sales power in a new dimension.


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