KALEA: Innovative Vertical Refrigeration and Freezer for a Sustainable Future

KALEA: Innovative Vertical Refrigeration and Freezer for a Sustainable Future

In the world of commercial refrigeration, significant progress has been made in recent years, and AHT is proud to be a driving force behind these changes. We are delighted to expand our KALEA product family with brand-new vertical refrigerators and freezers that not only look elegant but also contribute to environmental conservation and meet the needs of retailers.

Our new KALEA product family

Unified Design – An Aesthetic Revolution:

Our new vertical refrigerators and freezers embrace a unified and appealing design. This means that refrigeration and freezer devices can now be placed side by side with the same modern look. This provides stores with a consistent appearance and makes shopping a pleasant experience for customers.

Plug-in and Semi Plug-in Models:

The KALEA devices are available as both plug-in and semi plug-in models. Plug-in devices simply need to be connected to the power supply and are ready for use. Semi plug-in devices operate within a glycol-water circuit and are easily integrated into the system via multiplex connections. With the Semi Plug-in (SPI) system, AHT offers a secure, energy-efficient, and reliable overall solution for food retail, where waste heat can effectively be used for water heating or building heating.

Innovative Inbox Technology:

One of our most exciting innovations is the Inbox Technology, where the cooling components and technology are housed in a pull-out drawer at the base. This significantly reduces service times and eliminates the need to remove items from the device. This means fewer disruptions for the business and improved efficiency.

Variety to Suit Your Needs:

Our KALEA products come in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet individual requirements and the various designs of stores. Whether it’s a Full Plug-in model or a Semi Plug-in System (SPI) for refrigeration and freezing, we have the solution.

Even More Energy Efficiency:

The KALEA product family is now even more efficient – as part of our Semi Plug-in System, the heat generated during the cooling and freezing process can be efficiently utilized. For example, it can be used for heating store areas or for hot water production. This reduces energy consumption and saves costs. With various models and variations, energy consumption falls within classes B to D.

Sustainability is Our Drive:

With KALEA, we prioritize sustainability, and it is reflected in all models. All our devices use the natural refrigerant R290, which has a particularly low Global Warming Potential. With this environmentally friendly choice, we contribute to protecting our planet and reducing climate impact.

AHT remains committed to quality, design, and sustainability. We look forward to seeing our products in action and helping revolutionize the way food is cooled and presented.

Here you can find the new models:


Semi plug in refrigerators


Semi plug in refrigerators


Plug in refrigerators


Plug in refrigerators