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Refrigerating & Freezing
Compact, well-conceived freezer unit with four glass side panels for optimum visibility.

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Everything you need to know about AHT IBIZA.

Environment and climate

IBIZA units are completely CFC- and HFC-free and use the ecologically harmless and natural refrigerant propane (R290). R290 has the lowest GWP on the market This makes them particularly environmentally friendly.

Semi-automatic defrosting

Semi-automatic defrosting is possible in all temperature ranges. The constant temperature and high-quality plastic containers mean that the shelf life and hygiene of all products are always ensured. The plastic interior drip tray guarantees easy cleaning.

High energy savings

Save even more compared to conventional multi-unit systems, thanks to the sophisticated technology and design with AHT e-conomize. In addition, the electronically controlled, variable-speed compressor (VS) and a new energy-saving fan ensure maximum energy efficiency.

IBIZA Highlights


Perfect product presentation
The large panoramic sliding glass lids and the four-sided glazing optimize the product visibility. In addition, Ibiza scores thanks to its low height and easy product removal.
IBIZA is accessible from all four sides and the removal of goods for customers is easy.
Intelligent installation
Ready-to-connect installation means IBIZA can be used immediately. ABS injection makes the refrigeration unit extremely robust. In addition, the sliding glass cover is lockable.
Visual merchandising
Thanks to mist-free glass panels on all four sides, IBIZA offers excellent visibility of the goods on display. The bright LED interior lighting ensures perfect product presentation. In addition, the robust, smooth-running, completely encased sliding glass cover guarantees easy removal of merchandise.

Data, information and support

Everything you need to know about AHT IBIZA
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Cooling (1)
+3 °C to +15 °C

–18 °C to –23 °C

Mincemeat/meat chilling
0 °C to +2 °C

(1) Fixed preset that can be changed by a service technician


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The energy efficiency class information can be found in the European product database for energy labelling EPREL. For more information, please contact

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Compatible with AMS

Our Active Monitoring System (AMS) allows us to detect problems before you notice them. As an essential add-on to all AHT products, the AMS makes it much easier for you to manage and monitor the AHT cooling systems in your stores.

Individual branding

AHT cooling units are constructed individually: Using our template, you create the design, then we apply it directly during production.


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