Supermercados Caetano

Caetano builds new branch with AHT and DAIKIN devices

Supermercados Caetano is a supermarket chain with four stores in the Campinas region. The customer’s choice for AHT and DAIKIN devices was based on their reliability and energy efficiency. Caetano wants to test the savings that the devices can make in real use.
In his new shop in Campinas, five DAIKIN VRV 4 air conditioning systems and 20 AHT PARIS plug-in devices have been installed for a 1600m2 sales area.
In order to have an accurate comparison of the energy efficiency of the AHT and DAIKIN devices,

the consumption of two branches was measured and compared.
The comparison branch was located in the town of Valinhos, 16 kilometres away, and is equipped with devices from another manufacturer. After just one month, the plug-in devices of the PARIS series achieve a 43% reduction in consumption. DAIKIN’s VRV devices are also 28% more efficient than competitors’ devices. On the basis of these figures, it can be calculated that the purchase of the new equipment will be amortised after 2. 5 years.

_Year of Insatallation


_Installaled System

_ PARIS chest freezers
_ Aircondition VRV 4 by DAIKIN

_Project requirements

Equipping a new supermarket with five air conditioning systems and 20 PARIS chest freezers. Measurements and comparisons with another branch show the energy efficiency of the new devices.

The new AHT & DAIKIN devices save more than 40% of energy. By saving energy costs, the installation pays off after 2. 5 years.


Air conditioning from DAIKIN and freezers from AHT

The newly built Caetano supermarket now features VRV 4 Inova air conditioning and R290 plug-in deep freezers. The ceiling units of the VRV 4 device, which are distributed throughout the store, consume little energy and offer more comfort for customers. The installation of the AHT devices took only about a day. The benefits of a one-stop solution were brought closer to the customer by implementing AHT and DAIKIN system solutions.

Consumption kW/month
(Competitor vs DAIKIN / AHT)

“We are very satisfied with the results of the tests and also see great added value in the collaboration with DAIKIN and AHT. I look forward to further exciting projects with the two companies”, says Engineer Odair, responsible of Supermercados Caetano.